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Trek Tour Lombok

Lombok is one of the best Island in Indonesia where the most suitable and peaceful place for you as the world traveler to spend daily, weekly and monthly Holliday. Lombok is identical with Mt. Rinjani 3726m above sea level which is the most famous Tourist Attraction in Indonesia Generally. To spend your long holliday in Lombok will enrich your experiences and knowledge in the unique local culture and tradition.
The Most interested Destinations in Lombok Island
I.                    Rinjani Mountain 3,726m Above Sea level

Mount Rinjani is the third highest mountain and the second highest volcano mount in indonesaia where mount rinjani as the most famous attraction with millions of domestic and abroad trekkers per 8 month in a year. During three months of the year, there is no permission from the National Park to climb Mt. Rinjani because unsupported weather during those three months January, February and March.

There is no categorical of the trekker to climb Mt. Rinjani but there is the minimum age and maximum age to climb mount rinjani which is “ Minmum they can walk and maximum 70 years old “. And also if the trekkers bring their kids to the mountain its will need the local people to carry their kids as usual.

There are two options to climb mount rinjani “ Sembalun and Senaru village”, from those starting point I suggest you to climb mount rinjani start from Semablun and finish in Senaru village more fun and enjoying with the gorgeous views during the trail. And also by starting walk from Sembalun Village easiest for you to reach The summit of  mountain and more tourist attractions which you can visit the day before your trek day.

The minimum time to climb mount rinjani is 2 nights / 3 days which you will spend one night in Sembalun Village and will spend the second night on Sembalun Creature Rim 2639m above sea level, and maximal length of program is a week on the mountain.
Descriptions of Minimum and Maximum Program
-          Minimum trek program
Taking minimum trek program will be nice from sembalun village because at the last day of your trek you and reach the mountain summit and directly back to sembalun village after the summit from the same way.  Taking minimum program and start from senaru you will not reach the Summit of the mountain you will only reach Senaru Creature Rim.
-          Maximum trek program
By taking maximum program to mount rinjani will enrich your trek program and all of the detination on Mt. Rinjani you can visit such ( Sembalun Creature Rim, Summit, Lake, Hot Spring, Cave, and Senaru Creature Rim ).
II.                  Pergasingan Hill
Pergasingan hill is the most peaceful and gorgeous hill in Lombok island where is located in Sembalun Village “ Rinjani Stating Point”. This hill is famous with nick name “ Photographer Heaven” because of pergasingan hill as the second house for photographer. The beautiful view of Mount Rinjani and Sembalun village you will see when you set your tent on the peak of Pergasigan Hill.

Taking trek to pergasingan hill is refresing your mind and eyes from the stress by seeing the lovely views from the trail and the peak of. And you can take one day trek to this hill or 2days / 1night trek because this kind of Soft Trek Program.
III.                Sembalun Village Tour
Sembalun village is one of the traditional village in Lombok island where the local people still fanatic with their own unique tradition and culture, and most of the local people is farmer. Every three year the local people of sembalun held traditional ceremony “ Ngayu-Ayu” which is that kind of ritual with the old tradition and its happened from generation to generation.Sembalun village is located at East Lombok exactly on the slop of Mt. Rinjani where it is 1115m above sea level with 25 thousand of the population who will welcome you with their own friendly smile.

Taking tour in sembalun village will enrich your experiences by facing with the local people with the unique and traditional life system, and your guide will tell you a lot about the life system from the old generation.
IV. Wilde Flower Soft Trek
Taking soft trek to wilde flower is a relaxing trek program you can do it with one day trek program or you can spend as long as you want program you wish, this object is located on the slop of mount rinjani where the local people let and keep their thousands of cows in the large savanna and beautiful foresty and jungle around the hills. and in this trek program you will try what the local people do when they are in the jungle. you will see the local people call their cows with unique system by put some salt and a botol of water and will say eeeeeekkkmaaaaaa..... while shaking the water in the botle and then thousands cow will come out from the jungle come face to the owner.
and a lot of birds will sing for you especial in the morning can be come your wake-up aleram in the nature.